10 cose da evitare in flessografia per prevenire problemi

Hai mai avuto problemi di stampa in flexo?

Qui c’è una lista di cose che dovresti evitare quando inizi a pensare di stampare in flessografia per evitare problemi in produzione.

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  1. David stevens 4 maggio 2020 at 09:44 - Reply

    Hi Stefano
    Nice to see and hear your wisdom again ,congratulations on your website design and layout
    I will send you some more points to avoid
    Stay healthy and safe

  2. Mike Strickler 5 maggio 2020 at 17:57 - Reply

    Yes, the press must be controlled, but unless the target is known, control is uncertain. For most flexo operators the target is intuitive and subjective rather than objective and colorimetrically based, and this leads to “proofing on the press.”

    I would also add to your list, “Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish: Maintain equipment, replace worn components, keep aniloxes clean.”

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