How many resolutions?

How many resolutions do we need to know in flexography? There are four important information related to resolution within the flexo workflow. 1# The resolution of the anilox roll, or its line-screen or cell-count, that is the number of cells engraved on the surface by linear unit of measure. We express it, in the metric [...]

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Fear of ghosts?

With the term "ghosting" we describe the presence of a faint image of a design that shows in areas where it was not intended to appear. Usually it is a repeated pattern on print along machine direction. The main cause is attributable to the failure of replenishing, with fresh ink, the cells that discharged [...]

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Do you really think that dot dipping doesn’t exist?

I recently came across an interesting video that was published by one anilox rolls manufacturer that, in the attempt of promoting their technology, depicts dot dipping as an industry myth and illustrates flexo users, who believe that this problem exists, as troglodytes... "The industry myth that dot dipping is occurring within the anilox cells is impossible. Physics [...]

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Can you see how dirty is your anilox roll?

Ink transfer efficiency, ink coverage, color density, color matching and overall print quality strongly depend on properly maintained and clean anilox rolls. Check your anilox rolls thoroughly with proper high magnification viewing tools to ensure that your cleaning operations were effective.

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Anilox: convert linescreen and volume

Do you know how to quickly convert your anilox rolls linescreen and volume values between metric and imperial unit measurements? Volume: cm³/m² = BCM/in² x 1,55 (*) BCM/in² = cm³/m² ÷ 1,55 (*) 1,54899999999999 rounded to 1,55 Linescreen: l/cm = lpi ÷ 2,54 lpi = l/cm x 2,54 where: BCM/in² = Billion Cubic Microns per [...]

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Dot dipping (in anilox)

Dot dipping describes the condition whereby the smallest dots on a flexo plate dip into the cells of the anilox roll when forced by the impression between anilox and plate. Some dots of the plate, dipping in the cells, will carry more ink than what was expected, resulting in dirty printing in highlights, typically [...]

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