Flexography to benefit from recent ISO standards

Flexography will definitely benefit from latest ISO standards on Graphic technology: ISO/PAS 15339-1:2015 - Printing from digital data across multiple technologies - Part 1: Principles ISO/PAS 15339-2:2015 - Printing from digital data across multiple technologies - Part 2: Characterized reference printing conditions, CRPC1-CRPC7 ISO 17972-4:2018 - Colour data exchange format (CxF/X) - Part 4: Spot [...]

Quickly edit run control patches with Illustrator

One of the most frequent activities in prepress editing for flexography is the setup of run color control patches. Such targets may include different elements like a solid 100%, different tonal values and other elements like impression and slur patches. When using Adobe Illustrator for editing complex jobs featuring many colours, it might be useful [...]

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Color management for flexo on FlexoTech magazine

FlexoTech magazine published an interesting article about color management for prepress in flexography on April 2013 and September 2013 issues. The article was written by Stefano d’Andrea and Steve Donegan of Graphic Republik and it covers subjects about prepress before platemaking, with particular attention to colour management. You can download the two parts of the article [...]

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