What is the best resolution to print images in flexo?

Sometimes I come across some information that could be misleading flexo operators: image resolution must be adequate to the intended use in printing, there is a relationship between image resolution (pixels per inch) and print linescreen (lines per inch) and I'll show you in this short video. Are you interested in customized training in [...]

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10 things to avoid in flexography to prevent from troubles

Have you ever experienced any troubles when printing in flexo? Here is a list of things you should avoid when approaching flexography in order to prevent from troubles in production. Don't miss the next videos: click here to subscribe to flexo•expert channel on YouTube! Interested in customized training in flexography? [...]

Register tolerance: what is the correct value?

The register between colors is a fundamental aspect for the quality of the printed product. But what is the correct register tolerance and how to evaluate it? ISO 12647-6 connects the register tolerance to the print linescreen. The higher the linescreen, the greater the expected accuracy on the printed product. According to this norm, register [...]

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Next flexo training courses in Atif

Here are the next training courses in flexography at Atif in Milano Monday, September 30th Introduction to flexography: Flexo? Pleasure to know it! Bookings until: 20/09/2019 Monday, October 7th Il lungo viaggio dell’inchiostro flessografico Bookings until: 27/09/2019 Monday, October 14th La prestampa per la flessografia Bookings until: 04/10/2019. Monday, October 21st Alla ricerca della qualità [...]

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How many resolutions?

How many resolutions do we need to know in flexography? There are four important information related to resolution within the flexo workflow. 1# The resolution of the anilox roll, or its line-screen or cell-count, that is the number of cells engraved on the surface by linear unit of measure. We express it, in the metric [...]

Quickly edit run control patches with Illustrator

One of the most frequent activities in prepress editing for flexography is the setup of run color control patches. Such targets may include different elements like a solid 100%, different tonal values and other elements like impression and slur patches. When using Adobe Illustrator for editing complex jobs featuring many colours, it might be useful [...]

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