Be careful with micro-screening on flexo plate surface

Surface texturing of flexographic plates is nowadays widely used to improve the ink laydown when using latest flat-top platemaking technologies. The settings for such surface micro screening are carefully evaluated during the optimization phase of system calibration and they shall not be changed for that printing condition. Using wrong settings will cause not only the [...]

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3 simple steps to good quality

Here is a print condition audit that initially revealed an insufficient quality level, scoring below 30%, and ended with a final score of 83% with satisfaction of both printer and final customer. The printer invested in 3 days of process calibration activities over 3 weeks time with the limitation of using the existing press setup [...]

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My first 30 years in flexo and Labelexpo

I’m really excited and looking forward to being in Bruxelles tomorrow at Labelexpo Europe 2019. This will be my personal 30 years anniversary edition, celebrating my 30 years in the industry as well. In 1989 I was just back to Italy, after almost 3 years at the School of Media Development and Graphic Arts in [...]

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Next flexo training courses in Atif

Here are the next training courses in flexography at Atif in Milano Monday, September 30th Introduction to flexography: Flexo? Pleasure to know it! Bookings until: 20/09/2019 Monday, October 7th Il lungo viaggio dell’inchiostro flessografico Bookings until: 27/09/2019 Monday, October 14th La prestampa per la flessografia Bookings until: 04/10/2019. Monday, October 21st Alla ricerca della qualità [...]

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Do I really need a standard to print?

Probably not, but you surely need an organised, consistent and repeatable printing system.   If I look for a nut suitable for an M4 screw, I just have to look for an M4 nut to make sure I have the right nut.   An organised and repeatable system has a better economic and quality yield. [...]

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What have I brought home from Flexo Summit Latin America 2019

This year I was honoured to be requested as a speaker during the recent Flexo Summit Latin America, organised by ProjetoPack in São Paulo, Brazil on May 22-23, that was announced to be the most interesting event for the flexographic industry in the region. And it really was! The idea was to share with the local [...]

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