It’s time to change the way we measure dot percentage!

Measurement is the basis of process control. The measurement of dot area coverage or dot percentage is fundamental to define the characteristics of our printing system, to calculate compensations of tonal values for plate making and, finally, to control the production.
In 2017, a new method for the calculation of dot area percentage was introduced. ISO 20654: 2017 – Graphic Technology – Measurement and Calculation of Spot Colour Tone Value has come to simplify your measurements.

This video recording was made on April 16th, 2021, during FTA FQC Tech Focus when I explained how to implement this new method and experience its benefits.

FQC/FIRST Tech Focus webinars (from FTA US) showcase specific technical content from the FIRST document, identify its importance to the industry and discuss how it is used. Additionally, FQC committee representatives examine worldwide standards currently in development and/or redevelopment that are directly related to the technical content presented.
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