Do you know how to quickly convert your anilox rolls linescreen and volume values between metric and imperial unit measurements?

cm³/m² = BCM/in² x 1,55 (*)
BCM/in² = cm³/m² ÷ 1,55

(*) 1,54899999999999 rounded to 1,55

l/cm = lpi ÷ 2,54
lpi = l/cm x 2,54


BCM/in² = Billion Cubic Microns per square inch
cm³/m² = cubic centimeters per square meter
lpi = lines per inch
l/cm = lines per centimeter

Abbreviations and habits:

Volume in imperial expression (BCM/in²) is usually indicated only with the acronym BCM.
Volume in metric expression (cm³/m²) is also indicated as cc/m², or just cc, or -less properly- as grams/m² or even just (and still inproperly) grams, referring to the weight of the dry ink that was transferred, but that’s a different thing.

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