Color management for flexo on FlexoTech magazine

FlexoTech magazine published an interesting article about color management for prepress in flexography on April 2013 and September 2013 issues.

The article was written by Stefano d’Andrea and Steve Donegan of Graphic Republik and it covers subjects about prepress before platemaking, with particular attention to colour management.

You can download the two parts of the article here:

Colour management for flexo – part I
Colour management for flexo – part II

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2 thoughts on “Color management for flexo on FlexoTech magazine”

  1. john bautista

    Can i use ISO 12647-2 profiling for the IML In-Mold Label Printing?

    1. flexo•expert

      Hello John, ISO 12647-2 refers to offset printing. If you print your in-mold labels in offset you should be able to use a generic offset print condition for prepress (old Fogra39 or ISOcoatedV2 or newer). These conditions refer to paper substrate tho’, you might then need to compensate for your substrate white or better convert to the profile that describes your print condition.

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