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  1. hi Flexo expert.
    we have a problem that we are not able to solve so far. so I would like to hear your opinion about it.
    we print YMCK in an Allstein CI printing machine and having problem similar to bridging but it only occurs in the forefront of the printing area, same problem on all packages ( x 6 on the plate/print cylinder) only black ink having this problem and in a 15 % dot area.
    we have checked everything we can think of: ink, solvent, plates, dryers, impression, anilox, sleeve, temperature and humidity (Pakistan).

    we can run about 20 000 meters, with new plates, then we get the problem. we take out and wash cliché but after a 1000 meters it comes back. this is a big orders and we loose a lot of capacity.

    please help us!

    best regards

    Hans Jönsson

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