My first 30 years in flexo and Labelexpo

I’m really excited and looking forward to being in Bruxelles tomorrow at Labelexpo Europe 2019.
This will be my personal 30 years anniversary edition, celebrating my 30 years in the industry as well.

In 1989 I was just back to Italy, after almost 3 years at the School of Media Development and Graphic Arts in Kampala, Uganda. I was really lucky to find employment without any effort: before my return I already had a new job waiting for me, thanks to my educational background in industrial graphic arts and the experience in Africa.

My employer was manufacturing processing equipment for photopolymer plate-making for flexo & letterpress, and I was appointed to technical service to customers, so this exhibition was a great opportunity for my company and for myself, and I remember I enjoyed so much that visit: my first time to be in Bruxelles and my first Labelexpo.

Since 1989 I attended every following European editions, and a few in US, experiencing and witnessing the growth of narrow-web packaging, and being so grateful for the opportunity I had to work in this fantastic industry, trustful this will continue.

It is always so nice to walk around the pavilions and meet friends, ex colleagues and so many familiar faces: in this era of social networking I wish I could meet by person my contacts who visit Labelexpo and transform a virtual “like” into shaking real hands.

So, let me wish to myself Happy 30th Anniversary, and see you in Labelexpo!


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2 thoughts on “My first 30 years in flexo and Labelexpo”

  1. Bikash Kumar

    Dear Stefano,

    Many congratulations!!!

    I am a great fan of yours. I have followed and read each of your posts related to flexographic printing machinery.

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