Anilox: convert linescreen and volume

Do you know how to quickly convert your anilox rolls linescreen and volume values between metric and imperial unit measurements? Volume: cm³/m² = BCM/in² x 1,55 (*) BCM/in² = cm³/m² ÷ 1,55 (*) 1,54899999999999 rounded to 1,55 Linescreen: l/cm = lpi ÷ 2,54 lpi = l/cm x 2,54 where: BCM/in² = Billion Cubic Microns per [...]

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Hollow dots, like donuts, perforate ink layers

Ink builds around small print elements like dots and small type creating hollow shapes like donuts. Inked dots perforate ink layers that were printed by previous printing groups. This happened on external print on plastic film, solvent based inks, flat-top plate, sequence YMCK. Combined action of excessive impression with high ink volume and [...]

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