What’s the best dot shape for flexo?

There are different dot shapes for screening: round, square, euclidean, elliptical, … which one is the best for flexography? (*)

When choosing the dot shape for plate screening, it is important to consider the characteristics of the different geometries and their influence on the printed result.

When the plate is inked by the anilox roll and then comes into contact with the substrate to be printed, the ink tends to bridge between the dots when these get closer in the transition of tonal values. If these bridges appear in the mid-tones, they will coincide with the area of greater deformation of the dots on the plate, generating a tonal jump and a loss of contrast in the images. The overall printed result will look dirty.

So it is better to avoid the square, euclidean or elliptic dot shapes, and choose a circular, round point that moves the joining between the dots as high as possible, in tonal values above 60%.

(*) This post refers to AM screening, not to FM/Stochastic/Hybrid screening.

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